Almost Perfect — The Book


The Life Guide to Creating Your Success Story Through Passion and Fearlessness

Do you want to be paid to travel the world while pursuing your passion? Speak multiple languages and invent a new art form? Perform in front of Madonna, Bill Clinton, and Desmond Tutu? 

Erika Lemay did it all and more.

She spent a lifetime perfecting herself. From the age of thirteen, she strived to become the best in the world, fine-tuning her body and personality to be the only one the audience would remember. Talent is a myth, and the queen of discipline and willpower will show everyone why. Today, Erika Lemay is world-famous for what she accomplished on stage, but what justifies her success is the system behind the results, and that's what she shares in Almost Perfect.

You are not held back by the social or genetic luggage you inherited but by the limits you impose on yourself. Be unapologetic, think bigger and higher, and don't let others define you. Like in life, you are alone on stage and unless you take full responsibility for your actions, you won't make it to the summit.

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