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5 stretching mistakes that may harm you.



Our founder is the world-renowned artist Erika Lemay. She has performed extensively as a soloist guest star with Cirque du Soleil, her Physical Poetry has been admired by more than 400 million worldwide.

She has become a disruptive icon in the world of live performance: Vanity Fair nominated her as the New Queen of Circus. Hollywood icon-maker Douglas Kirkland's latest book 'Physical Poetry Alphabet' is a tribute to Erika's craft. 

With strenuous hours of daily training and performances across all five continents with no off-season, she has meticulously created a bulletproof lifestyle—with the help of diligent supplementation and bio hacks—enabling her body to defy both gravity and human possibilities for decades. The career span of a physical artist is usually short due to recurrent injuries and the decline of elasticity in our joints as we age. Our founder has spent a lifetime studying the matter and reversing the trend. Her book Almost Perfect—The Life Guide to Creating Your Success Story Through Passion and Fearlessness—is published worldwide. 


I've spent decades training eight hours per day, pushing my boundaries and making myself a world-class contortionist. While some are naturals, I had to work tremendously to gain such flexibility and keeping it requires a very disciplined lifestyle and methodology. Even if you're active, your body will dehydrate and stiffen with age. By the time you become an adult, your tissue has already lost about 15 per cent of its moisture, becoming less flexible and more prone to injuries. 

I spent most of my formative years in pain due to overtraining. I became more and more frustrated by the downtime that slowed my improvements, so I looked for solutions.

I've deep-dived into everything there is to know about the human body, hormone secretion for recovery and flexibility, and lifestyle hacks that could give me the best chance at an elite and long-lasting career. In the process, I discovered that the so-called 'ageing rule' could be highly influenced.

I invested years researching the best sources of each component that makes a difference on inflammation levels and flexibility. Collagen peptides became my secret tools and LEMAlab has helped me formulate the best products on the market—with high ethical and quality standards.

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