We are happy to announce our new Ambassador program. LEMAlab™ is a lifestyle designer —with the mission to encourage a high standard lifestyle for exceptional performance, beauty and health.  

LEMAlab™ is also a registered health and wellness brand that distributes high-quality supplements and specialised nutraceuticals. The products are all made, approved and third-party lab certified in the EU with the highest quality.  Our flag product FLEXIBLE: a collagen-based product with anti-inflammatory ingredients that has been designed for flexibility and injury prevention. 


LEMAlab™'s mission is to inform on how to obtain and maintain a flexible body, avoid injuries through physical activity and normal ageing, and maintain a youthful and appealing physique through exceptional lifestyle and biohacking. Our articles are fact-based and scientifically proven.  


  1. Earn 10% Commissions on any purchase made through your code after taxes and shipping costs
  2. Purchase LEMAlab™'s products and services for your personal use at a 30% discount.
  3. Provide your audience/network with a 15% discount on LEMAlab™'s products and services.  
  4. Be part of an active and healthy community that gravitates around fitness, health, nutrition and elite performance.


LEMAlab™'s Ambassador will promote LEMAlab™'s products and services through social media and personal relationships. LEMAlab™ will provide content and support for postings. Ambassadors will provide their

network/followers with an Ambassador Code. The Ambassador Code is shared with the audience of the respective Ambassador and 

1.) Allows LEMAlab™ to track and credit any sales associated with each code for purposes of paying Commissions and 

2.) Provides a discount on LEMAlab™'s products and services to their customers.  

We love our Ambassadors; we choose them carefully and want this program to be mutually beneficial. This Ambassador program is intended to incentivise individuals who continue to advocate for LEMAlab™: You can increase your earnings and help LEMAlab™'s community grow and flourish.


After we send the initial products, an Ambassador who reaches $500 in LEMAlab™ sales for the month is eligible for ONE free consumable product of choice. This product must be requested by the Ambassador and will be approved by LEMAlab™'s home office. 


  • Friendly Recipes with FLEXIBLE.
  • Performers Health Tips, Photos and Videos.
  • Featured interviews
  • Access to Exclusive Content are reserved for our ambassadors.

As a part of the program, you have our permission to use (subject to our guidelines) all of this content for your own social feed, audience, and coaching!


  • Brand Name LEMAlab™ – Always spell LEMA in all uppercase letters and 'lab' in small caps
  • Pronouncing – LEMAlab™ is pronounced Lay-Ma-Lab 
  • Talk Often – We encourage you to talk about LEMAlab™ at least 5x a month (this includes stories too!) Remember, you'll always have access to our creative assets too. 
  • Don't Make Claims – DO NOT MAKE any health claims relating to diagnosing, preventing, curing, or treating any specific health
  • Use Hashtags – Your posts MUST include #LEMAlab Ambassador along with one of the following hashtags: #ad, #spon or #sponsored.
  • Be Yourself – It's easy to find ways to naturally incorporate your custom code into your social media platform. 


Questions and Inquiries should be directed to

Ready to become one of our Ambassador? Fill up this document and send it to

Each week we will review candidates and if we think it's a fit we will welcome you into the program.