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5 stretching mistakes that may harm you.




Collagen is the main structural protein found in bones, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments. It is responsible for providing these body parts with strength and elasticity. 

The body produces collagen naturally but this production decreases with age [1]. As a result, the skin becomes thinner, bones lose density and joints get more easily injured [2,3].

Collagen supplements play a key role in slowing down this process. LEMAlab's founder Erika Lemay has spent a career trying to mitigate the risks of early joint ageing, pain and injuries. Thanks to key ingredients, FLEXIBLE by LEMAlab has been created to keep your flexibility journey safe and healthy for as long as possible. It contains hydrolysed bovine collagen peptides from pasture-raised animals, MethylsulfonylmethaneBromelain and Glucosamine Sulphate.

Choosing collagen from pasture-raised animals ensures that the product is high-quality and 100% organic. This means that the animals were able to feed on greens and were raised in strict standards, which is healthy for you and for the environment.

Here is more information about each ingredient contained in FLEXIBLE by LEMAlab and the benefits they provide:

Hydrolysed bovine collagen

Hydrolysed collagen refers to collagen that has been broken down into smaller peptides, which are easier to absorb. 

  • A double-blind study reveals that supplementing with hydrolysed collagen can have a significant improvement on skin elasticity [4].
  • In a 13-weeks study, participants with knee osteoarthritis were given 10 grams of bovine collagen per day. These people experienced significant improvement in osteoarthritis symptoms [5].
  • Bovine collagen is rich in glycine, which is an amino acid that increases gastric acids [6]. This can lead to easier protein breakdown (hence, breakdown of proteins into amino acids and smaller compounds) and improve digestion [7].
  • Glycine, found in bovine collagen, can improve the quality of sleep. These findings were published by the Journal of Pharmacological Sciences. (8)
  • Researchers believe that hydrolysed collagen can prevent bone loss, turning it into a recommended supplement for patients with bone and joint disease [9].

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

MSM is a chemical found in animals, humans and some plants. It can also be produced in a laboratory. 

  • Research studies suggest that MSM supplements can help patients with osteoarthritis relieve pain and improve physical function [10].
  • Findings from a randomised study reveal that MSM has demonstrated efficacy for facial skin hydration, improvement in elasticity and skin wrinkles [11].
  • MSM might promote hair growth and improve its strength, according to research [12].


Bromelain is a protein-digesting enzyme found naturally in the pineapple plant. 

  • Cell-based studies suggest that bromelain can be a powerful anti-inflammatory and anticancer therapeutic agent [13]. 
  • Researchers believe that bromelain might relieve mild knee pain and improve the overall well-being of healthy adults [14].
  • Bromelain supplements could aid digestion and alleviate symptoms in patients suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) by suppressing inflammation [15].

Glucosamine Sulphate

Glucosamine sulphate is a chemical found in cartilage—the tissue that cushions the joints. Glucosamine sulphate supplements are often harvested from the shells of shellfish. 

  • According to research, supplementing with glucosamine sulphate can provide pain relief for people with knee osteoarthritis and it can slow down joint degeneration [16].
  • A double-blind study reveals that glucosamine sulphate supplements can improve knee mobility after an injury. The effects were reported after only four weeks of glucosamine administration [17]. 
  • Studies suggest that glucosamine sulphate might promote joint flexibility and improve range of motion [18].


FLEXIBLE by LEMAlab contains easy-to-absorb collagen that delivers excellent results. In a combination with MSM, bromelain and glucosamine sulphate, this product provides numerous health benefits.

  • Helps alleviate bone and joint pain
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Aids digestion and relieves IBD symptoms
  • Provides powerful anti-inflammatory effects
  • Improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles
  • Enhances skin hydration 
  • Promotes the quality of sleep
  • Prevents bone loss
  • Promotes hair growth and strength
  • Improves flexibility
  • Increases range of motion and soft tissue elasticity


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